The Logo Design Expert Course in Adobe Illustrator CC.


The Logo Design Expert Course in Adobe Illustrator CC., Become a Pro Logo Designer with Adobe Illustrator. Learn Logo Design Principles, Techniques, the Creative Process & More.

Course Description

This detailed Master Course has been created, to help you become a Professional Logo Designer.

In this course, you’ll learn everything about the Logo Design process. You’ll learn the fundamentals of logo design, logo design principles, techniques, the design process, and lots more.

Not only that, this course also teaches you how to work with clients by following a couple real life logo design projects from start to finish. We talk about what type of questions to ask clients before starting the design, and how to carry relate with your clients during and after the logo design project.

We start the course from the first module, “Logo Design Ideology” where you learn about fundamental topics related to Logo Design. In this module, we go over Logo Design Fundamentals, Logo Design Categories, Techniques, and Principles.

The next module focuses on Color. In this module, we go over Color Modes in design, the Color Theory, and Color Psychology.

After this, we’ll have a crash course on Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn everything you need to know, in order to use Adobe Illustrator like a pro.

To follow the course, you’ll only need to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer. You can buy Adobe Illustrator from the Adobe website.

If you Enrol in this course, you’ll have:

· Lifetime Access to the course

· Access to our Q&A section.

· 30 days money back guarantee

So what are you waiting for? Enrol Now!

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