Talend Data Integration Studio & ETL Complete Course Bundle


Talend Data Integration Studio & ETL Complete Course Bundle, Complete Guide to Learn Talend For Data Integration. Apply ETL concepts using Talend.

Course Description

Within this course, you will learn how to install Talend how to navigate and use the interface efficiently. How to import data into Talend and then perform various transformation of data, cleansing, filtering, lookups, concatenations and much more. You will also learn some advanced features of Talend and how to work with different databases. Finally you will learn how to debug, log job information and monitor statistics of jobs that you build and schedule to run automatically.  Talend is Indeed the market leader in the area of ETL and Data Integration. Talend Open Studio, which is a completely free software from Talend, has a lot of awesome features for building complex data integration pipelines. This means, you can just download and use the software right away. In addition, Jobs in this area of Talend Data Integration are also growing rapidly. If you are completely new to Talend or even if you have some experience with Talend, this is the right course for you. This course is meant for anyone who wants to know how to deliver ETL solutions using Talend. Maybe you’re an IT manager looking for a cost-efficient ETL solution, an IT professional looking to broaden your skill set, or a BI or data warehouse consultant responsible for developing ETL solutions in your organization. Maybe you’re a software developer with a lot of experience building open source solutions but still new to the world of data integration. And maybe you’re already an experienced ETL developer with deep knowledge of one or more of the existing proprietary tools.

Data. Everywhere. All well-behaved in their own environment. But who actually lets them talk to each other? You do. With data integration. Become a data savant and add value with ETL and your new knowledge. Talend Open Studio is an open, flexible data integration solution. You build your processes with a graphical editor and over 600 components provide flexibility. If you want to simplify your data interactions than Talend Studio is the right product for you, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune on training or books are not your preferred method than this course is exactly for you.

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