Survival Instincts – Do they actually block our lives?


Survival Instincts – Do they actually block our lives? Come learn about our survival blocks block our lives.

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The human instinct to survive is our most powerful drive. Just about everything that humans have become serves that essential purpose, in how we think, what emotions we experience, and the ways we behave and interact with others.

The way we think and the emotions we feel that have survival value then produce behaviours that increase our chances of survival. Our “fight or flight” reaction may be our best-known expression of our survival instinct. This response set is triggered when we perceive a situation as a threat to our existence; our sympathetic nervous system activates rapid emotional, psychological, and physical changes. Emotionally, we feel either fear or anger intensely. Psychologically, our senses are heightened and we’re able to make faster decisions. Physically, we get a shot of adrenaline, our heart rate increases, blood flow is diverted to essential parts of the body, and we experience increased strength and stamina.

Come find out signs our survival instincts blocks us and how we can deal with it and FACE fear in the face. Awareness and acknowledgement of these signs can help you embrace your fear. it then begins to lose its hold and power over you. It may still be there, but it’s been seen, named and embraced. So, now it’s time to make a new choice that supports your highest growth and calling in the moment.

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