Stuck No More – Turning Dreams into Plans


Stuck No More – Turning Dreams into Plans, Find the key to unlock the life of your dreams.

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Perhaps you admire others who found wind in their face therapy, envy those who step effortlessly into new and different situations, and especially those who thrive on a steady diet of exploration, new quests and abundant thrills. You wonder what it is that they have that you don’t have.

Expanding on the seven secrets introduced in my book Hit the Road and Thrive this Online course called Stuck No More – Turning Dreams into Plans has a curriculum designed to change your life. As you learn the concepts, work the exercises, uncover surprising dynamics, and recover an innate ability you had all along, you will actually begin to take command all that is involved with combining travel with creativity, building and maintaining an attitude for adventure, and developing the special, almost spiritual connection that occurs when we let go of everything traditional and keep our focus on the mystery ahead.

This lesson plan has been created for you to become fully confident to launch yourself out into the unknown. You will learn quickly and easily everything necessary to head out on the highway, reach out to a stranger, walk into the boss’s office, become proactive and creative with your spouse, or simply elevate your experience in your own living room. This deep dive course prepares you to become completely immersed in the adventure, lure, and mystery of what you need not fear anymore.

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