Structured Finance


Structured Finance, understanding of various structured finance products, such as securitization, and credit derivatives among others.

Course Description

Structured finance is a service offered to companies with unique financial needs by large financial institutions. It provides an enhanced return to the issuers as it involves diversification which helps in reducing financial risks.This online curse will provide its participants a thorough understanding of various structured finance products, such as securitization, and credit derivatives among others.

The structured finance training tutorials would explain the following in detail:

  • Secularization its features and Process- Securitization is the process of creating new securities by pooling together various cash-flow producing financial assets.
  • Indian ABS transaction-
  • Credit derivatives, its conceptual aspects and types
  • Need and scope of Credit derivatives in India

Target Audience for Structured Finance Training:

  • Designed for anyone who wants to develop their understanding in Finance
  • Those who want to pursue their career in the fields of-
    • Securitization market
    • Portfolio risk management,
    • Corporate finance,
    • Treasury,
    • Credit risk management

Structured Finance Training Highlights

This course is divided into following modules mainly:

  • Securitization Module
  • Credit Derivatives

In Securitization Module you will learn

  • Introduction to Securitization-

In this module you will learn about what is meant by securitization,difference between securitization and corporate finance, basic procedure of securitization and many more!

  • Distinctive Features of Securitization-

In this tutorial we will discuss about some key features of securitization,Legal structure,Cash flow structure,Credit enhancement structure,Risks in Securitization and many more.

  • Overview on Securitization Process-

In this set of tutorials we will learn about Typical Securitization Structure, Securitization Process, and Asset class for Securitization, Requirement of Securitization, also will discuss about what are the benefits to the Investors and many more.

  • Indian ABS Transaction-

In this module we mainly focus on Indian Transactions,Asset Analysis,Transaction Documents,Portfolio Delinquency and many more.

  • Example of Transaction in Indian Scenario-

In this tutorial we will discuss about Private Credit Assessment Report of company.

In Credit Derivatives Module you will learn

  • Credit Derivatives Introduction-

In this module we will understand Conceptual Aspects of Credit Derivatives, Need and Scope for Credit Derivatives in India and Regulatory Issues pertaining to Credit Derivatives.

  • Conceptual Aspects of Credit Derivatives Types of Credit Derivatives-

In this module we will see Definition of credit derivatives, Characteristic Features of credit derivatives, Types of Credit Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps and many more.

  • Need and Scope for Credit Derivatives in India-

In this module we will learn about Benefits from Credit derivatives, Nature of Participants in the Indian Market, Regulatory Issues Pertaining to Credit Derivatives, and more!

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