Stop Panic Attacks Today with EFT


Stop Panic Attacks Today with EFT, EFT is amazingly simple tapping technique used world wide by qualified therapist and ordinary people for rapid results.

Panic attacks effect so many people today resulting in sickness and lost days at work and can effect people from all walks of life from business men who head up huge corporations to their workers both male and female housewives and children attending school.

The good news is it is only a reaction to a past experience where your mind is continuously working looking out to protect you from what frightened you in the past.

Like I said its protecting you from experiencing whatever happened in the past  the only difficulty it has is only that the exact specific circumstances could never happen again so your subconscious mind looks out for anything similar and this is where the panic attacks arise when there is no imminent danger causing you to feel like you are having a melt down.

With EFT you can work on the disturbance in your body, by one bringing up in your mind situations that would or may case you to panic and tapping on the points I will teach you in this course.

Now each EFT point is connected to the invisible energy system in the body, Acupuncture or acupressure points that are connected to major organs in the body and it is these organs that get stimulated through this energy system when negative thinking either consciously  what you know you are thinking about or subconsciously below conscious awareness.

And it is these subconscious thoughts you will be bringing to mind and bring about balance to your energy system so that your natural alarm system is not necessary anymore because whatever happened in the past you survived from or you would not be reading this today, and by doing this you will not have anymore panic attacks triggered for what could or might happen now or in the future.

What you will get from this Course:

  1. EFT Tapping Points and Where to Tap
  2. Stop Panic Attacks Today with EFT
  3. Downloadable Resources
  4. Discover Where Your Panic Attacks Come From
  5. Triangular Breathing for Stress Reduction
  6. Wave Breathing for Stress Relief

Downloadable Resources

  1. Emotional First Aid on Tap .pdf
  2. EFT Tapping Points Instructions. pdf
  3. EFT anxiety session. mp3
  4. Anxiety relief Hypnosis.  mp3.

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