SQL for beginners – Microsoft SQL Server


SQL for Beginners – Microsoft SQL Server, We will see multiple SQL features to select data, filter data, aggregate data, and set operations using SQL Server.

Course Description

This course will teach you many SQL options to select, filter, and aggregate data. We also see some set operation features.

This course is designed for people who have basic database knowledge and some experience working with some kind of relational database tool. It can be on SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle. I strongly believe in short and simple courses that can get you ready in few hours as opposed to days and that’s why I made sure this course is less or equal to 2hrs.

We will not cover basic database operations like insert, update, delete and select data.

This course requires:

  • Basic computer skill
  • Basic understanding of database concepts

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to advance their SQL skill
  • IT Student who wants to have practical experience
  • People who are changing careers to database development/administration

Who is teaching this course:

My name is Bereket Wolde and I started working in database development for more than 15 years. I am also a certified SQL Server developer.

However, if you ever get stuck or need something that I don’t cover in this course then feel free to reach out to me or add a comment on the course we will reach out to you at the earliest.

Join me today and I’ll see you inside!

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