Social Anxiety Stress Mental Health Meditation Course


Social Anxiety Stress Mental Health Meditation Course, emotional intelligence, overcoming shame, Self-esteem, personal transformation, confidence, insecurities, awareness.

Course Description

Do have social phobia or intense anxieties towards social encounters?

Do you feel nervous when you have a job interview?

It is not uncommon that we have social disorders on various occasions. Some are more severe than others. Those social situations often trigger fears, distress, or anxieties. These emotions sometimes are overwhelming and sabotage the joy of our lives.

Instead of judging yourself harshly or comparing yourself to others, we will support ourselves in healing our social disorder. We go through coaching sessions and meditations for healing. We will find out the emotional root cause. We will end the inner critic and affirm our confident self so that we can move out of our comfort zone and be who we really are.

In this course, we will

  • Have a personal coaching session
  • Overcome fears and anxieties on social occasions
  • End the inner critic
  • Move out of your comfort zone
  • Stop comparing ourselves to others
  • Embrace our uniqueness
  • Break the self-sabotaging patterns
  • Raise our self-confidence
  • Let ourselves shine
  • Be who we really are
  • And much more

There are always solutions to any problem. We will walk through the anxieties with you together and transform them in a step-by-step way using this drug-free hypnotherapy and our unique therapeutic coaching method.

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