setting up web server,sql injection and prepared statements


setting up web server,sql injection and prepared statements, how to set up a web server in linux and learning about sql injection and patch it using prepared statements.

Course Description

the initial goal of this course was to learn about database, how to use them for our web site, how to attack them using concepts like sql injection and how to patch the vulnerabilities resulting in sql injection using prepared statements, but in order for us to do that, we start by creating a website from scratch by buying a virtual private server (vps) with the linux as its operating system , which would result to teach some other concepts along the way.

so as we along you would be familiar with almost everything you need to create website from scratch , concepts that you usually take for granted, for example we learn html,css and javascript abstracts, that what these things are , and why you need them, also we will talk about linux and some important commands.  and at last you learn about sql injection, that why such an attack exists , so that you could better understand how to exploit or patch it by yourself and not using any third party applications.

so after this you could just set up your own web server, and even use your own computer for that purpose even though we talk about why this is not recommended, also you learn how to buy vps and create your website vulnerable to sql injection and then patch it using prepared statements.

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