SAP Debugging- Techno Functional Course


SAP Debugging- Techno Functional Course, Trouble Shoot Issues in SAP by Debugging the Code/Program.

Course Description

!!Learn All about Debugging the SAP programs with Practical Functional Scenarios !!

The ABAP Debugger : is a tool  which you can stop running program and then execute them line-by-line or section-by-section.

In SAP there are various ways to debug the program.

Breakpoints      – Set breakpoints in your code to pause execution at

specific lines.

Watch points       – Use watch points to track changes in variables.

When a specified variable changes, the debugger


Debugging- Discussion of various methods involved in Debugging- Setting Break-points&Watch points.

Analyze the select Queries using Selection screens/Input Data- Filter the data from SAP Tables- To Process the required Output/Result.

Review the static Debugging- Dynamic Debugging etc.,

Validate the internal Tables and  system variables like Sy-subrc & Sy-tabix.

Activation of  Debugger for a  Pop-Up Windows from Code-Execution of  Code ,line by line using Drag and Drop functionality.

Finding the Enhancements/Exits/Badis   using SAP Debugger to fulfill the functional requirements  and troubleshooting.

Walk through of Practical scenario of Debugging an IDOC troubleshooting and Posting  with a Successful message.

– Setting the Break Points @Statementss/Subroutine/Functional Module/Method/Exception/Source Code/Messages.

-Testing of IDOC- Generating a New IDOC from IDOC Testing tool- T.code WE19.

-Types of various Execution modes of Debugging- F5- Single Step/F6-Execute/F7-Return & F8-Continue.

Discussed the various Debugging Modes- System Debugging- Update Debugging-tRFC Debugging.

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