RStudio Setup and Customization


RStudio Setup and Customization, Navigate through RStudio like a pro.

Course Description

RStudio (Posit) is the best IDE there is for Data Professionals.

It was initially created for R users and currently supports Python, SQL, C++, D3, and other programming languages.

It also facilitates the creation of R packages, Shiny Applications, Markdown documents, Quarto Documents, books, blogs, websites, Quarto Presentations (new!), APIs.

RStudio is what made R great and now millions of data scientists use R on daily basis.

I have taught R & RStudio to over 750 people and always emphasized the importance of understanding all the features of the RStudio API.

Having a friendly and ergonomic interface is very important.

Understanding the complete functionalities of Rstudio will give you an edge as some of them will save you hours, and others will improve your overall user experience.

This course will explain to you how to

  • install R and set up your RStudio IDE
  • configure the global options
  • understand the panes (console, scripts, environment, files, plots, packages, viewer, help)
  • launch projects and navigate through projects
  • understand the working directory, file, and folder structure
  • create your first script
  • connect to git and use the git pane
  • clone repository from GitHub
  • customize your code and add tweaks
  • install Python and run py scripts

Once you complete this course you will set up your RStudio correctly and once and for all.

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