Robot Framework Crash Course [2021 Edition]


Robot Framework Crash Course [2021 Edition], A 1-hour crash course where you will learn the basics of Robot Framework using PyCharm.

Course Description

In this one-hour crash course, you will learn the core basics of Robot Framework. We will start with a short introduction to what Robot Framework is and how you can set it up properly on your device.

Several concepts will be explained in the course. The following topics will be discussed in this course:

  • How to install Robot Framework on your device
  • Setting up PyCharm and Python
  • Fixing the autocomplete issue with the Intellibot plugin in PyCharm
  • Creating your first test script in Robot Framework
  • How to create variables and lists
  • How to install additional packages/libraries for Robot Framework
  • Interacting with the web page by clicking on elements, entering text, and validating text
  • How to run a test script
  • Generate a test report
  • Execute parallel testing to increase testing efficiency and reduce time constrains
  • Testing APIs and getting request
  • And much more!

In each section, you can find the necessary resources for the course. You can use them in combination with the course.

The course is free so you can simply try it out and check whether you like the course.

If you are stuck or need any help, please leave it in the QA section and I am going to try to help you with the issue you are facing.

I hope you enjoy this course about Robot Framework and will be useful to you. Also, please leave a review to share what you think of the course so this course and future ones can be improved.

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