Revit MEP- Heating and Cooling Pipework- HVAC


Revit MEP- Heating and Cooling Pipework- HVAC, 3D Modeling & Piping Mastery: Hydronic Supply, Chilled Water and Low Temperature Hot Water Systems with CHWS-CHWR.

Course Description

Note: This is a project-based Course where all the topics covered have been examined on real-world projects.

  • Do you have familiarity with the fire protection system of buildings?
  • Do you have knowledge of the implementation details of the fire protection system?
  • Do you know what method to use for modeling the fire protection system?

This course covers technical, modeling, and implementation aspects simultaneously, making it practical for mechanical and architectural engineers. It guides you through project settings and modeling from scratch, allowing you to easily handle any project with existing architectural and code plans.
The training is project-oriented, taking you from start to finish, and includes modeling HVAC equipment. Upon completion, you’ll be proficient in heating and cooling pipe modeling, ready to tackle various projects.


  • Definition of Size and Connections
  • Identification and Resolution of Conflicts
  • Valves Placement
  • Modeling VRF and Fan Coil Systems
  • Resolving Various Warnings
  • Adjusting Project Browser Window
  • Defining New Connections
  • Configuring Linking Plans
  • Heating and Cooling Pipe System

Please watch this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it. Additionally, during learning Fire Protection System, ask me questions so that I can guide you.

Enroll now for being professional in BIM and MEP.

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