Rethinking Leadership and People


Rethinking Leadership and People, Rethinking Leadership and People in Your Organization.

Course Description

Leadership is not about you. It’s about your people and how you bring out the best in them. But, how do you bring out the best?

The number one defining characteristic of success in any organization is their people and how they lead others. Successful organizations have the right leaders in the right positions and are able to capitalize on their competencies and talents. Great leaders are able to communicate a vision, rally support and create a great product or service.

This course will give you 6 tools as a leader to help bring out the best of your people. Learn how to gain the trust of your people, set boundaries with your people, motivate your people, develop your people, and grow your people.

What will students learn in your course?

  • How COVID has not changed the fundamentals of leadership
  • Understanding what makes organizational trust and commitment work
  • Utilizing the CAMP Method of Motivation to drive employee commitment forward
  • Using the Tree Cycle of Employee Development to better understand where your staff is in their development
  • Learning the Include, Engage, Empower Model for employee delegation and growth
  • Creating the Leadership Growth Lattice with your staff to create a holistic team player

    This course also comes with free instructive aids, worksheets and easy-to-read guides. We want to make sure we can directly apply the lessons taught in this course with how you’re improving as a leader every day.

Enjoy and let’s get to work!

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