React JS Responsive Single Page Company Portfolio Website


React JS Responsive Single Page Company Portfolio Website, Build a Responsive Single Page React JS App. Learn React Pagination, React Video Player, React Slider, Github, Bootstrap.

Welcome to this react js course. In this course, you will build a complete real-world responsive single-page web app using react js. You will also learn how to use node js and express js for sending an email using nodemailer and SendGrid. You will build a fully functional real-world responsive company profile website. This project has a lot of functionality and features. I tried to add different sorts of features of react js.

Here are the lists that you are gonna learn from this  course:

  1. Single-page app with smooth scrolling.
  2. React HTTP Request for an API endpoint.
  3. How to get API data and show it in the react app.
  4. Context API to add Dark and Light theme.
  5. Bootstrap to make our website responsive for any device.
  6. Typewriting effect.
  7. How to play video in react js app using react player.
  8. How to add pagination with API data. You will build custom-designed pagination with API data.
  9. React js loads more pagination features.
  10. How to add image zoom-in effect in react js app.
  11. React js slick slider. You will learn how to show a responsive slider.
  12. React js post request to send email from contact form.
  13. React js conditional rendering to generate different colors for different items.
  14. Node js and express js for sending emails from the backend.
  15. How to test API endpoint in postman for sending an email.
  16. React js animation for different items of our app while loading the first time and scrolling.
  17. How to add back-to-top scroll features in react js front end app.
  18. Theme Features –  Dark theme and light theme for our react js app.
  19. How to send email from react js using node js, express js, and send grid.
  20. How to deploy react js app to Netlify.

Dark and Light theme Features: You will learn how to dynamically change react app theme color. We will use react Context API to build this theming system.

React Accordion Features: You will build react accordion system with API data. We will get our data from a public API endpoint and then will show it in accordion mode. You will also learn how to mark a single item if the accordion is open.

React Video Player: To play video in our react js app from URL.

React Hooks that you will use to build the complete react js app:

  • useState
  • useEffect
  • createContext

Different packages that you will use in this course:

  1. React smooth scrolling – This package we will use to scroll from one section to another section when user clicks on the navbar.
  2. Typewriting effect – We will use this package to add different types of writing effects to our app. The different sentences will be added in this type of writing effect in the main home section.
  3. React paginate – We will use this package to add pagination to our app. In the career section, we will show API data in our app and we will show pagination so that can slice our data and show it based on the pagination number instead of showing all the data from our API endpoint.
  4. React slick slider –  We will use this package for our feedback section where we will show a list of feedback in the slider. We will also make sure that our slider is responsive to any device.
  5. React toastify – To show toast messages to our users when they send emails from the contact form.
  6. Back-to-top scroll – This package will be used for scroll-to-top features. In a single-page web app, we have many sections on one page. Therefore when our user scrolls to the last section of the page the user again needs to scroll to reach the top section. To solve this problem we will use back-to-scroll features so that they can just click on the button and then it automatically goes to the top section.
  7. React reveal – This package will help us to show animation for each item. You will learn how to add animation for any fields in your react js app.
  8. Node Mailer –   To send e-mail ail we will use nodemailer with node js, express js and sendgrid.
  9. React Player –   We will use this package to play youtube videos or any other videos in our react js app. You will explore different kinds of functionalities for this react player and how to control it.

Git and GitHub:

  • You will learn how to publish react js project to Github.
  • How to create a branch and push our code to GitHub.
  • How to do a git pull request.
  • Work on different branches and merge them.
  • How to do git commit.

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