Quick test automation training with playwright for beginners


Quick test automation training with playwright for beginners, Learn Playwright from scratch and create your scripts to automate testing.

Course Description

Playwright – test automation framework developed by Microsoft. Modern, highly customizable and reliable.

This class covers all fundamental concepts of the framework. We begin from scratch, starting with setup and configuration and then a hands-on framework overview to familiarize yourself with the environment. Then from lesson to lesson, we slowly increase complexity. All lessons have a logical progression and are connected. The next lesson in the section builds up a new concept on top of what was learned in the previous lesson. This is also related to the code demonstrated in the class. We will have two test applications, and slowly over the course will add more and more code uncovering new topics.

How to follow the class

Watch all lessons in the order they have been published. Write the code from the class along with me. If needed, pause the video to complete the code. Practicing – is the best way to learn. Also, I would recommend watching the lessons in full-screen mode . If you skip lessons or watch them not in order, be ready that you may have a feeling of a knowledge gap, or that something is not clear.

What you will learn:

How to install Playwright from scratch as a new independent project or add to an existing front-end application project.

JavaScript Fundamentals in case you are a beginner to programming.

How to run tests using the command line interface, UI mode, Playwright extension, and debug tests

How to organize tests, structure tests, use test hooks

Double your QA salary with Playwright!

The training is up to date with the latest version of Playwright

Do you have a passion for learning Playwright but have no coding knowledge? I will make your wish come true with my easy teaching and lifetime query support through QA Forum.

Playwright training is created for manual software testers who want to learn automation testing from scratch with Playwright

Every step is explained in detail, from setup to running your first automated Playwright test.

No prior knowledge of test automation,

This course is specially designed for complete beginners in test automation

Some of the basics of JavaScript are explained and should be enough for complete beginners to get started.

More and more software quality assurance positions require some test automation, and in many cases, experience in test automation is requested/required, it is important to be able to automate tests

At the end of this course, students will be able to automate software testing with Playwright.

And most importantly, be able to receive a promotion at the current job or get a new job that requires Playwright or other test automation experience.

By the end of the course, you will master testing and implementing Playwright automation successfully in your workplace or land on a well-paying job

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