Python 50 assignments


Python 50 assignments, REAL LIFE PROJECTS FOR PRACTICE (solutions available separately).

Course Description

Hi there, in this project of 50 assignments you will get to solve assignments related to simple python, conditional statements, loop structures, functions and at the end there are assignments in which we have integrated all topics. This course is specially designed for python but one can solve the assignments in other programming language as well.

In case you won’t be able solve the assignment you can navigate to the solution segment to find the solution of the assignment. We have managed all the assignments and there solutions in a well managed way. You can contact us to access the word document of all the assignments and solution of all assignments is already available in shared github repository.

Good luck

Distribution of assignments:

Assignment 1 – Assignment 5 -> Level 1, Basic python

Assignment 6 – Assignment 12 -> Level 2, Conditional statements

Assignment 13 – Assignment 21 -> Level 3, For loops

Assignment 22 – Assignment 24 -> Level 4, While loops

Assignment 27 – Assignment40 -> Level 5, Functions

Assignments 41 – Assignment 50 -> Level 6, everything integrated

Take your time and understand all the assignments. Once you are done with each assignment of this course,  you will hopefully be able to start your professional journey or journey of data science toolbox. Furthermore you will be able to make professional menu tasks. If you are willing for that, I can provide you a task a school management system which will be very wide and consist of many options. We made that project on the requirement if Malaysian clients. We also have solution of that project.

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