Practical Ho’oponopono Workshop


Practical Ho’oponopono Workshop, How to become a miracle worker with your life.

Do you want to unleash your potential beyond your wildest dreams?
If so, this course can truly help…

Please ask yourself these questions:

– Are your health conditions optimal?
– Do you have financial independence?
– Are your relationships loving and nurturing?
– Is your career (or business) truly thriving?
– Are you actually happy and at peace?
– Are you fulfilling all your innermost dreams?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this course is for you.

Are you holding any of these negative assumptions?

– Life is too hard
– I am not a deserving person

– I feel lost and confused
– I am not capable of solving my problems

– I make a lot of mistakes in my life
– My life seems to be stuck

– I just do not have any luck

– My objectives seem to be out of reach
– I am afraid of bad things happening

If you said yes to any of these points, this course is for you.

– Do you feel stuck in a rut (in areas such as: relationships, finances, career/business, health, etc.)?

If you said yes, this course is for you.

It is time to change.  Please honestly ask yourself:

– Do you want to uproot the cause of your problems with an easy-to-use technique?
– Do you want to fulfill your dreams, even the wildest ones?
– Do you want your life to unfold in a graceful and effortless manner?
– Do you want to receive assistance from the most powerful force which exists in the universe to have a more abundant life?

If you said yes, this course is for you.

It is interesting to know that your limitations are created by your subconscious memories.

Your subconscious memories are programs hidden in your subconscious mind. These programs run every single aspect of your life:

what you think (your subconscious mind rules the quality of your thoughts)

how you feel (the origin of your emotions is subconscious)

what your belief system is (what you are convinced that is true has a subconscious basis)

how you act (there is serious scientific research which states that all your actions, even the ones that appear conscious ones, have a subconscious origin)

what you know (your knowledge is limited to the information in your subconscious mind)

how you perceive your reality (what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what to touch, what you taste)
how you see yourself (also called your self-image)

You cannot access these negative programs directly even though they are running your life 24/7 without you even noticing this. These programs keep you trapped, with no possibility to evolve.

It is also important to understand that most of these negative programs you hold in your subconscious mind are not even yours. These memories are the result of parental programming, impact of the media (TV, radio, internet), opinions of friends, comments from acquaintances, remarks from colleagues, etc.

When your subconscious mind is full of negative memories, like in the case of most people, your mental system is disrupted and it cannot work correctly. Your subconscious mind when full of negative memories or programmes acts like a computer infected with a virus.

Why this course can help you solve solve your problems and have a more fulfilled life.

In the faraway past I used to face innumerable difficulties in different areas of my life, relationships, health, money and career. My life was hard and senseless. Not only did I feel overwhelmed by these problems on a continuous basis, but I also felt incapable of fulfilling my innermost dreams. One day I decided enough was enough and I looked for an effective way to solve these issues in an effective manner.

Over many years I read every single book I could find about tools to overcome difficulties and also attended countless seminars about the topic. I personally tested umpteen techniques, but I realize that they only dealt with the consequences of my difficulties, not their causes. Moreover when I used these tools I tended to deal with the same difficulties (consequences) again and again because their origin (or cause) was not eradicated.

What if I tell you there is a tool you can use to delete these negative programs, in order to eradicate your most significant limitations and improve your life?

What if I tell you there is a tool that works like an antivirus for your mental system, eradicating your negative memories in an effective manner?

After a long time of search, I finally found a very powerful tool. This tool, called Ho’oponopono, has real alchemic power. As compared with other techniques, this tool removes the most significant problematic situations in your life from their root, instead of temporarily fixing them. This tool eliminates the programs (your subconscious memories) creating your life problems.

There is very good news for you!!! This is a formidable course titled:

“Ho’oponopono Intensive Workshop”

This course is about the powerful ancient tool called Ho’oponopono. This powerful technique can help you solve any kind of problem and improve your life in an effortless manner.

This technique became well-known worldwide when Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len used it to cure a ward of dangerous inmates without even personally contacting them. This tool is based on four important principles: repentance, forgiveness, love and gratitude.

Ho’oponopono is very easy to use and its effects are very outstanding. This almighty tool can be used to resolve relationship difficulties, financial problems, health issues, career/business problems, among others. With the use of this technique you uproot the cause of your problems (your negative subconscious memories) and these problems are solved in a graceful manner.

With this material you will learn, among other topics:

– How to feel more interconnected with everything that exists

– How to eradicate the causes of your problems in an effective manner

– How to have a more forgiving, loving and grateful life

– How to access limitless wisdom

– How to fulfill your dreams in an effortless manner

– How to significantly improve the world you live in

This is a very unique course because:

– This course includes a wide range of easy-to-use tools especially developed to solve your problems (in the most significant areas of your life)

– Once you learn these techniques you can use them over and over to generate a more fulfilling life

– The material provides a step-by-step process to use these tools

– The course contains countless very practical exercises.

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