Political Savvy: Maximizing Your IMPACT in the Organization


Political Savvy: Maximizing Your IMPACT in the Organization, Strategies for Effective Influence and Leadership.

What you will learn?

  • How “political savvy” is all about ethical and effective leadership…
  • The mindset needed to have IMPACT
  • Why Influencing in organizational settings is so different and difficult!
  • Self-imposed beliefs that stop us in our tracks
  • Savvy strategies that work
  • How to maximize your influence
  • How to write your own “success story”

Course Requirements

  • those who want to LEAD and have influence
  • those who desire to make more use of their talent, creativity and energy
  • those who want to have IMPACT and make things happen
  • those who want to maximize their opportunity in the organization

Course Description

Make the most of your opportunity to make a meaningful contribution where you work – and show your talent and leadership ability in the process!

This course is focused on a “must-have” skill for all those wishing to succeed in the organizational setting – the ability to influence effectively. The intent is to empower you to move your creative and productive ideas forward in your organization, and in doing so, enhance your stature and career potential.

Influence is arguably the most valuable asset you can possess inside an organization. If you are effective at influencing, the sky’s the limit!
as we know full well, when we attempt to influence and move productive ideas forward, we often fail…. fail to see our proposed improvements, our potential innovations, ever take shape.

Most of us will often chalk our failure up to “politics” or “the powers that be.”

This happens all too frequently.

But is there more to it than that?

Each time you don’t succeed is a lost opportunity… for the organization, yes, but especially for you, the one attempting to influence.

What if you could improve your chances of success?  Make the most of these opportunities?

We believe you can by learning how to maximize your influence. Trust me, we’re not talking about employing high pressure tactics either. Quite the contrary...

Our research found people highly effective at influencing at all levels of the organization. They turned out not to be any more intelligent or otherwise gifted than most – but they did have something extra! They had a “savvy” – an understanding of how to influence decision-makers. And because “politics” is all about groups making decisions we call it  “political savvy”.

What they told us about this “political savvy” ability we are passing on to you. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Some of what they say may be quite surprising to you. We believe everyone who works inside an organization, large or small, can benefit from hearing what they told us.

And contrary to some popular misconceptions, those that have shown to have “political savvy” do so while practicing ethical and effective leadership. Political Savvy is also about being the ultimate team player – but one who is willing to use influence to achieve outcomes good for the organization.

What you will learn here will enable you to:
– Succeed more often when you attempt to influence
– Have greater impact
– Feel more confident, empowered, effective
– Utilize more of your energy, intellect and creativity
– Build support for ideas you care about
– Raise your game

So don’t sell yourself short! You can move the needle….and who knows how far?

You can be

a leader

a difference maker

an impact player

right there in the organization you work for.

Improving that which will allow you to lead, make a difference, and have an impact…

Your political savvy ability!

So come join us…

It will be time well spent!

Who this course is for:

  • project leaders, team leaders, those who have to build support and cooperation
  • anyone looking to take a leadership role
  • those new to organizational settings
  • those wishing to advance innovative ideas


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