Planning a workshop for the over 60s


Planning a workshop for the over 60s, Golden Reflections: Embracing Identity and Legacy after 60.

Course Description

This short course will enable you to plan a workshop (you don’t have to call it ‘Golden Reflections : Embracing Identity and Legacy after 60’ if you don’t want to!) for over-60 year olds.

The objective of the workshop is:

“To provide participants over the age of 60 with meaningful activities that foster self-reflection, celebrate life achievements, encourage new learning, and enhance social connections. This workshop aims to empower seniors to reflect on their past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future with optimism and purpose.”

Stage I of the course gives you an outline of the workshop.

Stage II goes into greater depth.

The special topic of acting in student films (with several examples) is dealt with in Stage III.

Throughout the Workshop Plan it is stressed that this framework can be tweaked, adopted entirely or expanded on to suit your own requirements.

This course comes with a list of advice of things over-60s should do (compiled by M Sanchez Jr.) These can be discussed in the Workshop or given out as a Resource

The overall aim of the workshop is to ‘deliver happiness and contentment’ but remember this course is the PLAN for the workshop – it is you who has to deliver it!

So who is THIS course for:

  • Anyone who volunteers/works in Care Homes
  • Anyone wanting to run a workshop for the Over-60s

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