Photoshop For Architecture


Photoshop For Architecture, #Photoshop Techniques for Architects.

Course Description

Photoshop is the most used software for images edition. In this course we go directly to the point for architects, using this powerful software to make architectural post-production projetcs.

You’ll learn with the AGA studio experience, starting with basic pricniples that guides the graphic design. We proceed showing some tips and tricks,  insertion of people, vegetation, cars, shadow and light effects, among other tools to create realistic 3D images and illustrated sections. We also explore the production of nightly, rainy and after rain scenes.

The course is destined to architects and architecture students who have no knowlwdge of Photoshop and also for beginner users that want to go deep in the software skills and produce professional images.

Check out the class schedule:

Section 1 | Introduction

Section 2 | Graphic Design and Interface

Section 3 | Tips and Tricks

Section 4 | MCD House

Section 5 | P2 House

Section 6 | SS House Photoinsertion

Section 7 | Agora Tech Park

Section 8 | Interior Spaces

Section 9 | Nightly Scene

Section 10 | Rainy Scene

Section 11 | After Rain Scene

Section 12 | Illustrated Cross Section

Section 13 | Bonus


– It’s the student’s responsibility to have the software installed on its computer. Udemy or AGA, do not provide softwares for their students.

– The lectures were developed on Photoshop 2021. It’s recommended to use the same version or newer one to be able of opening the resource files.

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