Personal Budgeting: 30 days Japanese KAKEIBO Challenge


Personal Budgeting: 30 days Japanese KAKEIBO Challenge, Learn how to stick with your monthly budgets and have a financial freedom within 28-30 days!

Course Description

After I created the simple four sheets for my KAKEIBO course, a few students seem to have a problem tracking it daily. So, I created a 30 day challenge to track both your income and expenses step by step through the process of using four KAKEIBO sheets.

In this course, you will learn using a notebook or paper worksheets

  • How to set a financial goal and budgeting
  • How to track daily expenses
  • How to review every 5 days
  • How to do KAIZEN for the next month

This course is great for those of you who want to understand how KAKEIBO sheets work and impact your financial story; want to save money, and pay back your debts faster. All the video lessons have no narration, they combine music with text so your thoughts are clear.

I am so excited to work with you to change your financial story with the Japanese ZeroWaste household financial record book, KAKEIBO. You will be surprised how easy it is to stick with your budget.

Let’s get started!

See you inside of the class

I used to use a paper KAKEIBO notebook until 1993 when I went paperless.

Now I am using Wave Financial web-based accounting software along with my KAKEIBO spreadsheet to save my time.

You might want to create digital KAKEIBO with Wave Financial software and google spreadsheets and do it weekly instead of daily after you become familiar with a paper KAKEIBO. I am planning on creating a digital KAKEIBO tutorial class for you soon. Please let me know if you want to learn about it.

Grasp fortune by the forelock.

Do not procrastinate, start of this course!

Let’s dive in.

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