Personal Branding Within 1 Hour


Personal Branding Within 1 Hour, + Branding on Twitter, Instagram and Linked In and your website/blog.

Course Description

This course is a one stop solution to inhibit your social shyness and exhibit your growth.

Every person in this world is good at something. But many people don’t know well about channelizing that energy.

This course would help people to present themselves better. Presentation and communication are two ends of the same coin. Others won’t see that you’re talented unless you tell and show it to them.

Nowadays, presentation skills are not just limited to face to face and word of mouth interfaces.

World, today, is nothing but a big village. In this competitive age, we’ve to showcase ourselves better. To make this, proper usage of social media is necessary.

This course introduces the students with the social media and its wonders. Though, social media portals are many, still Instagram, Twitter and Linked In are taken for instance.

This course also introduces the students with the profiling of their blogs/ websites.

With an update, from September 2020, content of our workshops would also be shared in the course. That would be another benefit.

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