Palette knife. Painting flowers with thick oil paint. Roses


Palette knife. Painting flowers with thick oil paint. Roses, Oil skills for beginner artists on the example of roses. Thick palette knife technique.

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Do you have difficulties with stress, art is the best healing!

It is difficult to paint flowers because it is not just a geometric object, but also a living creation of nature, delicate, transparent.

Let’s create a loose rose painting using a palette knife. You will experience a relaxing sensation as the palette knife glides over the canvas, producing smooth color transitions and adding an intriguing texture to the floral artwork.

The impasto technique involves painting in several layers. Without knowing this subtlety, the work can easily fail and disappointment often forces you to quit painting and no longer take a palette knife in your hands.

If you apply the background correctly, then you can adjust your work at any time. No stress that something can go wrong, everything is easy and interesting.

Thus, you simply cannot fail!

We re going to need:

Oil paints:

I used Van Gogh, and Cobra, you can also choose another firm but the colors usually all firms use the same. For a palette knife you don’t need any solvents and thinners.


Titanium white


Cadmium Yellow/ Azo yellow

Burnt Umber

Olive green/Viridian green

Azo red medium

Palette I usually use this tear-off palette. It’s very useful.

Palette knife.

It has to be a soft one. You can check it if you try it on a canvas, it has to bend. If the canvas bends, it is a hard palette knife, and doesn’t match you.

The palette knife  “Fish” is universal and very useful. It has rounded edges. You’ll know more in the course about that.

Stretched cotton canvas 30 x 40 cm, (12 x 16 inches)

You can request a feedback if you would like. I can answer your questions here in comments under the video.  I will be pleased if you share your results!

Let’s paint!

The tutorial is translated by Anna Sergeeva


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