(Oxford) Diploma : Art Therapy Kindness – reduce depression


(Oxford) Diploma : Art Therapy Kindness – reduce depression, Art Therapy to cope with Depression and Anxiety.

Course Description

Remember: This course includes a manual especially written for October 2023.

This course is exactly as it says in the title:

1. Be kind (how? when? to whom?)

2. Be happy (why? how does kindness do this?)

3. Reduce stress (through being kind?)

Each lecture follows the same format:

a. Discussion about the title eg H.E.L.P.S.O. or S.H.E.B.A.D

b. A focus on what to do as an example of being kind

c. A focused 2-3 minute meditation

Remember throughout that this is a course to be used, with exercises to do and to share, to reflect, to analyse and discuss. In a world at war where loneliness and depression are commonplace, the course, the Q/A offers a place where emotions can be shared and – as per a ‘global classroom’ – self-exploration and understanding are developed. The manual that accompanies the course is current as at October 2023. A December manual will be added. Throughout the approach is one of gentle encouragement – participate and share as much as you wish.

A fourth section has been added:

Using Art Therapy to explore and share kind actions. This is current as at October 2023..

Straightforward. Practical.

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