Outline A Great Story: Characterization, Plot, And More


Outline A Great Story: Characterization, Plot, And More, Use the four major elements of storytelling to create a captivating outline for your novel or screenplay.

Course Description

Become a professional writer

I have a publishing deal, a film deal, and multiple #1 bestsellers. With the right type of story, you can break through in today’s competitive market, even if you’re a new writer who doesn’t have a large following.

Do you want a publishing deal? A film deal? A ton of fans?

I’ll give you the storytelling skills you need to outline a novel or screenplay that book publishers, movie producers, and audiences will love. Download a guide document you can fill out to create your outline.

My course is for many types of storytellers

  • Novelists and screenwriters
  • Writers of all genres – thriller, mystery, crime, action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance, comedy, and much more
  • Though the class is ideal for beginners, experienced writers who want to improve their next project could surely benefit too

Learn creative writing skills in important areas

  • Premise
  • Story structure
  • Character development for protagonists, antagonists, and allies
  • Inciting incidents
  • Story stakes
  • Plot conflict escalation
  • Finales
  • Theme
  • More

Let’s make big things happen for you

The longer you go without this course, the longer until you get the writing career you’ve always wanted. Register today and let me turn you into a professional writer.

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