Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, K8s


Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, K8s, Learn & Build Microservices with Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Okta, Spring Security, CI/CD, GCP.

Course Description

Do you want to Learn to Build an Amazing REST API with Spring Boot? Do you want to learn what the Hype about Microservices is all about? Do you want to Build Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud? Do you want to Build Containers with Docker? Do you want to orchestrate Microservices with Kubernetes? Look no further!

  1. What is microservices architecture and how is it different from monolithic and SOA architectures
  2. How to build production-ready microservices using Spring, SpringBoot, and Spring Cloud
  3. Configuration management in microservices using Spring Cloud Config Server
  4. Service Discovery and Registration pattern inside microservices and how to implement using Spring Eureka server
  5. Building resilient microservices using the RESILIENCE4J framework
  6. Handling Cross-cutting concerns and routing inside microservices using Spring Cloud Gateway
  7. Implementing Distributed tracing & Log aggregation in microservices using Spring Sleuth and Zipkin
  8. Role of Docker in microservices and how to build docker images, containers
  9. Most commonly used Docker commands
  10. Role of Kubernetes in microservices as a container orchestration framework.
  11. How to setup a Kubernetes cluster and deploy microservices inside it
  12. The most commonly used Kubernetes commands
  13. Microservices Security using OAuth2 and Okta
  14. Unit testing for all layers in Microservices
  15. CI/CD Pilepile with Jenkins for the deployment of Microservices
  16. GCP Cloud Platform as a Cloud provider for deploying Microservices to Cloud using CI/CD Pipeline

The pre-requisite for the course is basic knowledge of Java, and interest in learning.

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