Master Time Management for Higher Personal Productivity


Master Time Management for Higher Personal Productivity, Effective JNJ Knowhow for task and workforce management; Develop Personal Improvement Plan for Better Work/Life Balance.

Course Description

Want to improve your productivity in real life by learning much more than basic stuff about Time Management that you can apply from tomorrow?

Take a look at this course only where you will

· Not only learn in depth how to manage time excellently with concrete actionable advice, tools, techniques, processes and methodologies but also

· Skill yourself by developing and implementing a personal improvement plan!

· Preview many of lectures to see the content for yourself

· Clear your doubts on this topic any time while doing the course

I learnt how to manage time effectively when I joined Johnson & Johnson (J&J) as the National Sales Manager for Consumer Business. J&J taught us to balance our work life as well as our personal life in very challenging situations, by managing our time effectively. I remember we had a healthy competition with our staff on getting in and out of our offices on time while completing our work well. Using time effectively was the only route and we learnt the best practices as I stayed there for 16 years in different senior positions

What I am sharing with you here is my learnings over these almost 16 years with great companies like J&J. I am sure you can do even better than me with these learnings!

You can make a personal improvement plan to reach Excellence in Time Management as you go through this course and reach that elusive goal your self

Look at what are students like you saying about this course

“Wonderful experience with such a great mentor”

“Great content to learn and implement to improve the time management skill and hence the quality of life.”

“I’m really learning a lot on how effectively to manage time”

“Amazing course I have ever seen before!”

“Absolutely! It was amazing”

“Quite impressive”


“Yes, It is such a great course.”


“Quite explicit and simple”

“The course is amazing”

“Taught me a lot on how I can improve my Time Management Skills and how I can make the most out of my time”

“It has been a very fruitful course and it has helped me in terms of managing my time so i can be much more organized and complete whatever tasks i have at hand with my full attention and focus so i can excel, i would highly recommend it to an organization or individuals looking to be more organized which can lead to an increase in productivity.”

“this couse teach me alot about time management. I remember when i was at high school i was doing every thing without managing my time and that makes me suffer alot to my studies. managing time is very important, knowing what you suppose to do every day is very important and also planning your life is very important. i like this couse very much it help me to be aware of impotance of time management”

“management course you have designed. It has truly been a game-changer for me, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise and wisdom. Your course not only provided me with practical strategies and techniques but also instilled a profound sense of discipline and self-awareness. Through your guidance, I have learned to prioritize effectively, set clear goals, and maximize my productivity in ways I never thought possible. Beyond the invaluable content, your teaching style and engaging delivery made the online learning experience truly enjoyable. Your passion for the subject matter shone through every lesson, and your genuine care for your students’ success was evident in every interaction. I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in my life since taking your course. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the demands of my work and personal life, and I now approach each day with a renewed sense of purpose and control. The benefits have extended far beyond my time management skills; I have also experienced reduced stress levels and improved overall well-being. Your dedication to helping others master this essential skill is truly commendable. Your course has equipped me with tools I will continue to use throughout my life, and I am confident that the positive impact will be everlasting. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the profound difference you have made in my life. Your time management course is a testament to your expertise and commitment to empowering others, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their productivity and find balance in their life.”

“I recently completed the online course “Excellence in Time Management” and I must say, it has truly been a game-changer. Spanning just 2 hours, this course offers practical strategies and insights that have transformed the way I approach my daily tasks. What sets this course apart is its well-structured curriculum, guiding learners through a stepwise progression from understanding the importance of time management to implementing improvement plans. One standout feature was the module on “Personal improvement planning,” providing a roadmap for personalized schedules and time-blocking techniques that have significantly enhanced my productivity. The interactive elements, like quizzes and online discussions, made the learning experience engaging and motivated me to implement what I learned. Overall, “Excellence in Time Management” has had a tangible impact on my ability to prioritize effectively and find a better work-life balance. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to unlock their potential through effective time management. It offers practicality, engagement, and the tools to revolutionize your approach to time.”

“The course is well-rounded covering all the aspects of time management Its provides some very useful practical strategies to improve time management. The most valuable thing was about measuring productivity. The principles and concepts of the course are really helpful.”

“saya menyukai dan memahami cara penyampaian yang begitu jelas. saya menyukai materi dan cara penjelasannya (I like and understand the way of delivery that is so clear. I like the material and the way it is explained)”

“It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of perfect time management. This video is really great and very helpful.”

“Good class”

Preview for yourself many of lectures covering each section. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and skill yourself to do even better in life by gaining Excellence in Time Management! If don’t like the content, please message about how can we modify it to meet your expectations.

Please remember that this course comes with Udemy’s 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

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