Master Blaster Interviews/Texterviews with Brandi Desautels


Master Blaster Interviews/Texterviews with Brandi Desautels, VETERANSWERS Supporter.

Course Description

My Answers to these questions..

Interview/Texterview Questions

What started you on your professional journey?

What is your favorite part of being a professional?

What keeps you inspired?

What is one important thing that people should know about you?

What is your dream job?


  • Welcome to the Course
  • Meet Your Instructor: Brandi Desautels
  • Course Overview and Objectives

Module 1: What Started You on Your Professional Journey?

  • Understanding the Significance of Your Professional Journey
  • Brandi Desautels’ Personal Professional Journey
  • Identifying Your Own Motivations and Aspirations
  • Crafting Your Origin Story

Module 2: What is Your Favorite Part of Being a Professional?

  • Exploring the Rewards of Professionalism
  • Brandi Desautels’ Perspective on Professional Growth
  • Strategies for Embracing Opportunities
  • Personal and Professional Development Techniques

Module 3: What Keeps You Inspired?

  • Finding Sources of Inspiration and Motivation
  • Discipline, Perseverance, and Continuous Improvement
  • Cultivating Inspiration for Long-Term Success

Module 4: What is One Thing That People Should Know About You?

  • Building a Strong Personal Brand
  • The Power of Positivity and Competence
  • Brandi Desautels’ Unwavering Commitment to Excellence
  • Personal Branding and Communication Skills

Module 5: What is Your Dream Job?

  • Setting Career Goals and Aspirations
  • Aligning Dreams with Values and Passions
  • Brandi Desautels’ Vision for Her Dream Job
  • Strategies for Pursuing Your Dream Job

Join us on this exhilarating ride as Brandi Desautels, in her own words, candidly addresses the pivotal questions that have shaped her extraordinary path:

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and drawn into the compelling narrative of Brandi Desautels. Her insightful responses to these pivotal questions offer a glimpse into her remarkable life—a life that will leave you craving more, eager to learn from her extraordinary journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative quest with Brandi as your guide!

Additional Skills

  • Leveraging Cold Calling Experience
  • Maximizing CRM Software Skills
  • Harnessing Research Expertise
  • Effective Calendar Management and Scheduling
  • Mastering Investigative Research
  • Sales and Business Development Techniques
  • Developing Writing and Storytelling Skills
  • Nurturing Customer Relationships

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