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M&A| Management BuyOut| Liquidity Management| Restructurings, Learn indetails the financial restruturings through BuyOut| M&A| Liquidity Management| Restructurings| Bankruptcy etc.

Course Description

This course covers the financial, economic, and strategic reasons for major corporate restructuring transactions.The course begins with an overview of corporate restructuring and develops valuation methods used to evaluate corporate restructuring transactions. Corporate Restructuring is organizing a business with the motive of making it more profitable or for better organization. This course will enhance you with all the concepts, indicators and issues relating Corporate restructuring in the Indian and global perspective. The process of reorganizing the financial structure of a business is very tricky and requires attention to the minutest details. Through this training lets understand a few important things under consideration when it comes to financial restructuring in case of an amalgamation. This course covers the basic understanding required to consider and practice in a corporate restructuring plan. The course progresses to the practical aspects of measuring the potential gains and losses of restructuring and liquidation. You will get an basic exposure to both the economic and legal considerations involved in the operation of any sovereign debt crisis. Through these tutorials we shall brush upon the very basics of debt restructuring and understand various terms associated with it. The training has been taken with the help of practical illustrations and examples to understand the topics better. This course is very useful for the people who are into equity research and financial modeling domain – including students and professionals. This course gives a career prospect to the students who are planning to get a financial analyst job in any brokerage and KPOs. Also it boosts sector expertise of the seasoned professionals who are already working in the financial service domain.


1. Introduction

2. Management Buy Out

3. Bankruptcy Liquidation and Restructuring

4. Funding Merger and Acquisitions

5. Case Study HP and Compaq

6. Leveraged Recapitalization

7. Mergers and Acquisitions

8. Cashflow and Comparable Companies

9. Goodwill and Acquisition

10. Corporate charter Transaction

11. Synergy and its benefits

12. Types of Corporate Restructuring

13. Securing Asset lenders

14. Corporate restructuring

15. International Findings

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