Learn to paint grapes through easy tutorials


Learn to paint grapes through easy tutorials, Learn to paint grapes in watercolors.

Course Description

In this short course you will learn to paint grapes in water colours. The course is for absolute beginners who are keen to learn watercolors but are hesitant. I can guarantee that this course will help overcome the fear of painting. Once you try this course then you can easily go for higher levels. The course requires you to have the willingness to try and of course the art material . You will need artist quality watercolors, watercolor paper and brushes of size 3,7 and 12. Follow the steps and once you complete then you can look for other courses of mine.

TOP 7 reasons to join my workshop

FREEDOM: I understand that art is not created by time bound rules but desire to paint. The workshops have flexible timings to paint and submit the work and it results in tremendous performance by the participants.

CREATING ARTISTS: I am not aiming at just letting you create some pretty pictures but teach the techniques so that you can make your own paintings in your own style and preference.

VALUE FOR MONEY: I am giving you a skill for life that will not wear off with time. Rather with your continuous practice, you ll get back much more than what you paid for.

TRANSFORMING MINDS: For me art is not just a means of making money but a way of living life. I have clients who actually got rid of certain unwanted issues because they put their heart and soul into creating art which took away their attention from undesirable thoughts and actually healed them

MENTORSHIP: My workshops don’t end in a week or two but my relationship with my students stays for life. I am always there to guide and hold hands.

FUN: For me art is fun and a means for creating joy in our lives. Our mind works best in a positive state. There is no competition or criticism. Just plain unadulterated fun of creating art


ART WITH A PURPOSE: For me my art is a way of giving back to the society. I take workshops for specially abled kids, have mentored and guided them. I take plenty of free workshops for everyone and teach with complete honesty , for just anyone who wants to experience the process before putting the money into learning. I use a major portion of my earning to work for any cause that touches my heart so remember when you pay for any workshop, you are indirectly contributing to a greater cause.

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