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Learn the Stock Market! By the time you are done with this course you will be well prepared for your stock market journeys.

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Welcome to Learn the Market. My name is Owen Danganan and I am a high school sophomore. I recently became very interested in the stock market around 2020-2021. There was so much talk about the stock market, and how everybody could make money from it because of how much the stocks were going up. I started to look into it, and quickly realized that it was a great way to make money. The concept was simple: you buy a stock, the more it goes up, the more money you make. But as soon as I started listening to the news, there were so many confusing terms and technicalities, and I had to Google most of the stuff. As soon as I started getting used to the terms and phrases, the easier it became to understand. Then I realized, “Why isn’t the stock market a point of interest in schools?” I know that there are a lot of people my age that can make money off of the stock market, and this money can go to college tuition, or just for adulthood. The stock market teaches you how to carefully invest your money, while also making money in the process.

This is why I started this course. I want teenagers to have the opportunity to invest in the stock market and get ahead in their financial journeys. This course is packed with valuable information such as “How to Spot a Market Bottom”“Recognizing Market Trends”, and “Inflation Tips”. Don’t like reading? No problem. For every lecture, there is a screencast attached. If you are willing to test your knowledge, I have created engaging quizzes throughout the course. All of this being said, I hope you all can take this information and apply it immediately.

*This course is targeted at new investors, so no experience is needed. The required materials for this course are just a computer, internet connection, and a notebook to take notes on.*

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