Learn Flutter GetX Course 2024


Learn Flutter GetX Course 2024, Learn GetX State Management.

Course Description

GetX is not only a state management library, but instead, it is a microframework combined with route management and dependency injection. It aims to deliver top-of-the-line development experience in an extra lightweight but powerful solution for Flutter. GetX has three basic principles on which it is built:

  1. Performance: focused on minimum consumption of memory and resources
  2. Productivity: intuitive and efficient tool combined with simplicity and straightforward syntax that ultimately saves development time
  3. Organization: decoupling business logic from view and presentation logic cannot get better than this. You do not need context to navigate between routes, nor do you need stateful widgets

In this course you will learn the basics of Getx

  • How to deal with getx as State management
  • How to deal with Dependency injection of getx (Get.put – Get.lazyPut – Get.find)
  • How to deal with Route management of getx
  • How to show Snack Bar
  • How to show bottom sheet
  • How to show dialog
  • How to Navigate without named routes
  • How to Navigate with named routes
  • How to use Obx
  • How to use GetXController
  • How to use GetX with Controller Type
  • How to use Simple State Manager- GetBuilder
  • How to use Getx Controller Lifecycle methods
  • How to use (Getx¬†Localization_translation) Implement Internationalization (localization)
  • GetX Service
  • How to make http Requests (to call Api)
  • Get X Binding

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