Learn everything about Filmmaking using an affordable DSLR


Learn everything about Filmmaking using an affordable DSLR, This is a course from which anyone can learn about film making and shooting videos.

Course Description

This course is designed for anyone who is willing to create videos, You might be a filmmaker, storyteller, or just a curious person, this video is for you if you want to learn about shooting videos. Nowadays, videos are getting a very popular way of sharing content or knowledge online and this is the perfect time to learn about shooting videos and creating your own content.

In this course, I have covered every single thing that you need to know about shooting videos as a beginner. If you have no idea about the filmmaking process and you don’t know anything about video shooting then do not worry my friend, this course covers it all. I believe you are going to love this course a lot.

In this course, I have covered the important elements of the Exposure triangle like the ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture controls. then I have also talked about some of the important camera settings for video shooting. Not only the technical part I have also talked about the basics of video shooting like framing, composition, and different rules of film making. This course covers almost all the things you need to know about filmmaking.

With this course, you will get all the learning materials of the course, this course will help you become a better content creator but the process of learning filmmaking takes a lot of practice and hard work. I recommend all the students who are enrolling in this course to shoot the videos right away, you do not need some expensive gear to create content and influence people, all you need is proper guidance and support.

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