Know Your Customer (KYC) – Easy Walkthrough In KYC/AML


Know Your Customer (KYC) – Easy Walkthrough In KYC/AML, Develop solid understanding of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) KYC/CDD including Bloomberg/Sanctions/PEP/Screening.

Course Description

Update – Feb/2024


My course is designed to enrich your experience when it comes to KYC/AML while simplifying the process so that topics are being digested quickly in one comprehensive guidance.

The course is for people who are committed to success in this field, want to confidently crush the interview and finally get the job of their dream, My role is to get you close to this. I would have Linkdin to reply for your queries and assist you further.


Course has total of 10 sections we discuss the following items.

· Know your customer definition and difference between EDD, CDD and EKYC,

· Identification and verification requirements for main client and associated parties and required documents for each party.

· Third party approved source and how to use them in your KYC review.

· Identification of nature of business, relation with source of fund and requirements for a completed description of nature of business.

· Source of fund and Wealth and difference between them and which documents to request from client to verify these requirement.

· Ownership Types and how to deal with them and ID&V for UBOs (One type is being discussed).

· Screening and the importance in detecting negative news and black list names, Sanction and countries to look for when conducting CDD review,

· Definition of PEP and type of review that would be required for such person,

· Client legal types such as sole trader from perspective of definition and requirement for ID&V. (One type is being discussed).

· Red flags and how they increase the risk rating of the profile and finally we go through. (One type is being discussed).

· The Risk Assessment and assigning a proper risk rating for clients.

· Introduction to AML, where we discuss basic AML definitions to assist in understanding three stages of Money Laundering.

· The AML Org Chart and the role of KYC analyst inside the organization, alongside the quality checker position and their position within the hierarchy.


Additional bonus:-

  • Details of KYC Organizational Chart and Expectation of every position.
  • Knowledge test to assess understanding of topics discussed and provided with explanation.
  • External Assignment.
  • Certificate of Completion, Name of the student can be typed on the certificate upon request.


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-Mohamed Zaky has very interesting way to deliver knowledge, and the test was covering most subjects. Totally recommend. (Aneta Nowakowska).

-Yes, it’s providing a good practical overview. Thanks (Divya Gupta)

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