jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel


jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel, Explore how to create an image slider for your web pages with jQuery Image Carousel component rotate images on intervals.

Course Description

Explore how to create a dynamic image carousel component from scratch using HTML CSS JS and jQuery.   

Challenges and tasks for project at the end of each lesson – code alongside the lessons to develop your own Image Slider. Source Code included – Downloadable PDF resource Guide Included.

  • Section setup details and info for starting the project – resource and websites.
  • Create an array of Image Paths used to output images to the Page. Explore how to setup a testing array of placeholder images, customize the images and generate a useful array of content for your page.
  • Random Image Colors function adding colorful images to the web page. Using JavaScript String methods create random hex color value generator.
  • How to Add CSS Styling to jQuery Image Slider Project Make it look nice – setup the images to stack and position images to prepare for jQuery Coding. Create visible images output to page and setup CSS.
  • Adding and removing element classes with jQuery. Setting Interval moving slides Using selection of active elements – to update and remove classes adding new active class to the new sibling element using jQuery Code. Setting Interval moving slides.
  • Add Control Button Options for user event listeners and controls of slider.  Adding buttons for user interaction so that the user can control movement of slides to next and previous images. User interaction and event listeners with jQuery. Move to next slide on click.
  • Update Intervals reset timer of interval on user interaction.  Debug the jQuery project update and reset the interval timer to restart with counters once a user interacts with the slider controls.
  • jQuery slider Image Carousel Project Review code updates and debugging.  Final code review and updates to clean the code and update styling.

Source Code is included

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript

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