IPO – Basic Course on IPO Process and Markets


IPO – Basic Course on IPO Process and Markets, Primary Markets| Advantages & Disadvantages| Process of an IPO| Book Building| IPO Grading| Greenshoe Option| Short Sell.

Course Description

IPO Stands for Initial Public Offering. When any private organization wants to grow but lacks capital required for it, instead of taking debt from banks, it decides to go public and sell shares. It goes to Investment Bank to set up IPO. Investment Bank arranges for IPO where shares are divided as per the capital requirement and in this way public buys those shares and business gets money. Through these tutorials we are going to see how the IPO modeling process take place in an investment bank. This training would be covering up various IPO analysis w.r.t companies like Ali Baba, VISA Inc, Facebook, General Motors, etc, a diversified set of companies. Along with that, in depth analysis of how a company goes public, major mistakes to be avoided while going in, as well as valuation concepts would be covered.

You would have heard much about the IPO Definition if you were a finance guy. Business newspapers keep featuring why a particular IPO process is hot, whether it will succeed, how much the company would raise, and many other things. For those new to this term, an IPO Definition or the IPO Meaning is “Initial Public Offering,” where a private firm decides to transform itself into a public one. The company will offer its stock for trading on the stock exchange for the first time, inviting the public to invest in it.

Companies go for the IPO process mainly to infuse cash into their capital structure for the proposed expansion, increase their market share, and give a push to their profits. The fact that an IPO process gives way to immediate access to capital is true. Still, various formalities, such as investigations, certain certifications, etc., must be dealt with. A significant amount of planning goes into getting the IPO process into reality. In the past, disastrous IPO process cases were launched, only to be dished out within some time. Read through to learn about the Biggest IPO Flops in History.

They were the IPOs once considered hot, and people bet on their successes, but unfortunately, market conditions, investor sentiments, and various other factors caused their demise. So this is all about the IPO Definition and the IPO Meaning.

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