Intuitive Eating: Foundation of Health


Intuitive Eating: Foundation of Health, Health and Wellness Beyond Diets and Restrictions.

Course Description

Welcome to “Intuitive Eating: Foundation of Health,” a groundbreaking course that challenges the toxic norms of diet culture and guides you towards a profound shift in your relationship with food.

How many diets have you tried so far?

How many foods did you label as bad, as guilty pleasure?

How many times did you count your almonds and let the kitchen scale decide how many blueberries you’re allowed to eat?

How many times did you feel like a failure because of the diets?

All these food rules and restrictions, under a promise of health, weight loss and eternal happiness are harming you way more than a donut ever could.

We have bought into this harmful idea that you can only be healthy if you lose weight.

You can only be worthy if you lose weight.

You can only be confident if you lose weight.

You can only find love if you lose weight.

Weight loss has become moral imperative – if you’re not actively trying to fit into smaller pants or trying to stay at lower weight to avoid getting fat, you’re automatically seen as a failure in this toxic diet culture.

In a world inundated with promises of quick fixes and restrictive eating, we unveil the truth about the harm diets can inflict on both body and mind. Explore the reasons behind your past dieting struggles and discover that it’s not you who failed but the diets themselves.

Our mission is to empower you to embrace intuitive eating as a self-care practice—a natural way of being that promotes a positive relationship with food.

Because when eating becomes stressful, as diets inevitably are, it’s not longer healthy.

We invite you to shift the narrative and focus on genuine well-being that extends beyond appearance.

Whether you’ve tried every diet imaginable or are simply curious about intuitive eating, this course is for you.

Join a community of like-minded individuals ready to embrace a holistic approach to health, break free from the shackles of diet culture, and rediscover the joy of nourishing your body and soul.

Enroll now and be part of a new narrative—one that celebrates true health, self-acceptance, and the freedom to enjoy a pleasurable and sustainable relationship with food.

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