Introduction to Queer Rights


Introduction to Queer Rights, Queer Rights, Law and Policy.

Course Description

This course is brought to you by One Future Collective. One Future Collective is a feminist social purpose organisation with a vision of a world built on social justice, led by communities of care. We fight for each person’s right to live a life of safety, dignity, and belongingness by catalysing people’s power and building just institutions.

The course “Introduction to Queer Rights” is designed as a comprehensive exploration of gender, sex, and sexuality, aiming to provide participants with a nuanced understanding of these concepts. Through this journey, participants will familiarise themselves with key terms and concepts central to queer rights, laying the groundwork for deeper engagement with the subject matter. By delving into representations of queer individuals in Indian literature, art, and media, participants will gain valuable insights into the diverse experiences and perspectives within the queer community set against the backdrop of Indian culture and society.

Moreover, the course will contextualise the struggle for queer rights within the historical and cultural framework of India, offering a deeper understanding of the challenges and milestones in this ongoing journey. A critical analysis of the legal landscape surrounding queer rights in India will further enrich participants’ experience, empowering them to navigate and advocate within legal systems effectively.

Finally, the course will facilitate the development of strategies for effective allyship and support, recognising the importance of solidarity and activism in advancing queer rights. Through interactive learning and discussions, participants will cultivate practical skills and insights to become agents of positive change in promoting equality and inclusivity for queer individuals in Indian society.

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