Interior design: Mood-board in Scale with Procreate


Interior design: Mood board in Scale with Procreate, Test your design ideas before you buy.

Create a mood board by using the actual scale of the items you intend to use. This will help you both visualize and budget your design.

In this class you will learn:

1. How to use the items you have in your home in your design. From photographing, cropping, and adjusting their size.

2. How to find and save furniture and home decor elements. What to look for in shops and what photos should best be selected.

3. How to prepare the photos for the composition. Simple scale and cropping tools.

4. How to scale both the background and each item so they would be proportionally correct to each other

5. how to calculate the price of the entire composition by separating the selected items into a separate Pinterest board and going through every price.

6. How to adjust the design to be more budget-friendly. Little changes you can make to the design to make your final result a little bit more affordable.

Who is this class for?

For anyone who wants to visualize and budget their home designs before spending a single cent.

It’s also for design professionals who want to learn how to use the iPad to illustrate their ideas.

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