Infant Massage within Early Intervention


Infant Massage within Early Intervention, Content created by Kelsey Finn, OTD Student.

Course Description

Hello and welcome to my Udemy Course on Infant Massage within Early Intervention!

Participants of this course will learn about infant massage practices, supporting health and wellness for families with an infant in the newborn intensive care unit and occupational therapy best practices in the early intervention practice setting. This Udemy course contains lectures, resources and various research articles to support this topic area. There is additional content on coaching and the natural learning environment. Also included in this Udemy course is various downloadable materials and presentations to further support learning in this area. At the end of the presentation, there is a short question and answer section to assess knowledge gained as a result of this course. It may take about an hour to get through the entire course, as well as view the attached resources. The development of this course is based on research, evidence based best practices and clinical experience. There are several APA references at the end. Please visit those references to further supplement learning of these topics.

Enjoy the course and please feel free to message the instructor to facilitate further discussion of topics related to this presentation. Thank you for your interest and happy learning!

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