Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension


Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension, Make both pleasure reading and academic reading more effective by improving your reading speed and comprehension.


*New Speed Tests added to test your reading speed – May 2023.

*New video: Reading Fiction for Meaning – January 2023

The Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension course will help you become a better reader.

When reading for pleasure, you will remember more of the material and engage with it in a deeper way.

When reading for academic purposes, you will retain more information for quizzes, tests, and exams. Also, you will have better access to the material for essay writing, book reports, speeches, and so on.

Being able to read is one thing – being able to read well and comprehend what your read is another!

Also, increasing your reading speed without losing the essential reading comprehension piece will bring you many rewards no matter what kind of reading you are doing.

This is not essentially a typical speed reading course. I want you to improve both speed and comprehension. There will be texts in your life that need to be read more slowly, and that’s fine. Some material should even be read aloud. The tips here are primarily to increase speed while reading silently. Improving comprehension can slow one down at first. However, as you become more proficient gaining ground in comprehension will also increase your ability to read faster.

It is all related!

Please, come and be willing to engage yourself, and you will reap the benefits of improved reading!

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