Improve Your Life in 80 Days


Improve Your Life in 80 Days, Small Changes Add Up to Big Results.

Course Description

A lot of people want to make big changes in their lives but aren’t sure where to even start. Start small. Start within. Improve Your Life in 80 Days makes it so simple by giving you one video per day for 80 days, each only a minute or so in length.

The videos cover so much: Something to think about, something to draw your attention to, or something to get your mind going in a direction that is more true to you.

As the days go by, you’ll find you are getting to know yourself so much better than you ever have, and feeling more peaceful and centered in your life.

One video per day, around one minute long, for 80 days. Connect with yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself. See your world differently — better — from right where you are. Commit to this and you will see subtle changes immediately, and then larger improvements over time.

A PDF eBook is also included in “downloadable resources.”

Journaling isn’t required, but can be very helpful.

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