IFIC Investment Funds in Canada Exam Preparation


IFIC Investment Funds in Canada Exam Preparation, Pass the IFIC or IFC exam in the smart way!

Course Description

What is the IFIC Certification?

This is a requirement to work in the banking sector in Canada. Once you pass the exam, you are eligible to be registered as a Mutual Fund Representative in a bank. You can advise clients how to invest their money by recommending suitable mutual funds.

Can I work from my home after passing the IFIC exam after getting hired?

Yes, some companies are providing online client appointments for investment advice. So it is possible to work from home.

Can I work in the back office after completing the IFIC?

If you don’t like sales or want to work in mutual fund and investment processing back-office, it is possible, the pay rate is $17-$23/hr

What’s the pay rate for client facing jobs with an IFIC certification?

In Canada, it could be around $25 to $30/hr. So on the low end, it could be $50,000 annually before taxes and deductions.

How do I enroll in the exam from a provider?

Visit Canadian Securities Institute or IFSE websites for details. Both IFIC and IFC are equivalent in the banks.

Why should I enroll in your exam preparation course?

The topics in each chapter are explained in an easy to understand manner. You will save time and effort by reviewing the videos. You can study at your own pace. The price for the videos is much cheaper than hiring a tutor or attending a seminar.

What is covered in the IFIC Exam preparation course?

These exam preparation videos cover the topics in both the CSI course IFIC and also IFSE course IFC

The following topics and chapters are covered in this course:

1. The role of the mutual fund sales representatives.

2. The overview of the Canadian Financial Marketplace.

3. Economic principles.

4. Getting to know the client; how to recommend suitable investments.

5. Behavioral finance – how clients decide what to invest in

6. Tax and retirement planning

7. Types on Investment Products and How They Are Traded

8. Constructing Investment Portfolios

9. Understanding Financial Statements

10. The Modern Mutual Fund

11. Conservative Mutual Fund Products

12. Riskier Mutual Fund Products

13. Alternative Manages Products

14. Understanding Mutual Fund Performance

15. Selecting a Mutual Fund

16. Mutual Fund Fees and Services

17. Mutual Fund Dealer Regulation

18. Applying Ethical Standards to What You Have Learned

The videos are narrated with PDF summary slides that describe the topics in an easy-to-understand manner. The reference book is 444 pages and has a lot of detail. This summary of the course focuses on the main aspects which are expected in the exam, as well as the knowledge which is required to provide clients with a high level of knowledge and experience.


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