IA/RPA discovery – become an Automation Pro


IA/RPA discovery – become an Automation Pro, Learn the top strategies, techniques and trends to accelerate your automation career &stand out! Get hired, get promoted.

Course Description

You’re going to learn…


  • The core reasons Automation projects and programs fail and how to avoid these mistakes
  • The one power strategy for standing out from the crowd and level-up your career by making massive impact
  • The most recent tactics drawn from our global network, experiences and newest technology updates

I’m going to show you the strategies you NEED to succeed with Digital Transformation this year, and ride the biggest tech wave since the internet.

Learn the methodology that is 5-star rated by the ex-COO on the WORLD’S LARGEST process automation company (a $7bn company)

This is for…

office workers, professionals, automation team members and business leaders looking to level-up their tech-knowledge and career to make massive impact…

Now more than ever, we feel the importance of digital transformation in our companies. Whether it’s Robotic Process Automation or Artificial intelligence, we know this is the future and to survive and thrive we need to adapt and keep learning.

Starting out or developing your IA knowledge shouldn’t be something on the side, it should be our main focus as automation technology and AI is taken over every aspect of work and home life. It’s a meaningful endeavor that can skyrocket your career, and future-proof your business too. You’ve probably thought to get stuck in for a while (months, or maybe years as you see this tech gain massvive traction) and you really hope investment of your time and money will pay off. And now you’re finally ready to go all-in and master this.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. Feeling the roller coaster of anxiety, excitement, discouragement and hope – learning the dos and don’t and making tonnes of mistakes along the way. Our goal is to journey alongside you. We want to accelerate your learning curve and help you with the smartest strategies and tactics to streamline your progress to where you want to be.

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