How to write a vision statemement


How to write a vision statemement, Come learn how to write your vision statement.

Course Description

We all need a vision for our life. People without a vision are like sailors charting rough seas without a map.

A vision statement in your life will give you clarity on what you really want to achieve and and make you work towards a goal. This course is very important for people who are lost in their lives and need to learn how to start living your life more effectively and systematically. A vision gives you a path to follow which will precisely take you to your goals.

What this course will cover:-

1. What is a vision?

2. Why is it so important to have a vision?

3. The workings of the mind

4. How the conscious and unconscious mind actually work

5. How to write a vision statement

6. Basics to consider when writing a vision statement

6. Words and phrases to use in a strong vision statement

7. A guided mediation to do before you write your vision statement to connect to your subconscious self

8. Writing your vision statement

9. Reflecting on your life and vision statement

10. Tips and tricks on writing a great vision statement

Come learn how to write a vision statement effectively and efficiently is this succinct yet effective course.

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