How to Simplify in Watercolor – Part II


How to Simplify in Watercolor – Part II, The Secret for Creating a BEAUTIFUL Impression.

Course Description

Have you ever struggled with painting a scene in watercolor?

Were you wondering how to turn this barrage of details into a painting that makes sense?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the details?

Here’s you’re solution! ??

In this course you’ll learn how to turn that beautiful photo or view into a watercolor painting that sings!

You’ll learn to distill the reference’s essence into a clear painting, while avoiding over-working it, and clearing any confusing as to what should be included in the painting and what shouldn’t!

Some of what we’ll talk about:

  • What is simplification
  • The BIG idea
  • Different ways of simplifying
  • How to simplify shapes, values & colors
  • Detailed painting demos
  • And much, MUCH more!

In my opinion the ability to simplify what you see is a CORNERSTONE of making good art.
And even though good is subjective to some extent – there are still plenty of guidelines to helps up improve our work and ensure it hits right.

Just how much you wish to simplify – that is up to you.
From realistic work and all the way to abstract – this is relevant for the full spectrum.

At the end of the day, you want your paintings to convey your message, whether it’s a certain mood, a story or simply the conditions of light and shadow / weather.
And the way you simplify is at the heart of that.

Thank you for checking out the course, and enjoy!
(This is part II of this course. Be sure to watch part I first!)

– Liron

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