How to improve your memory through poetry memorization


How to improve your memory through poetry memorization, How to memorize poetry better.

Course Description

If you write or just like reading poetry this course is for you.

You will learn how to memorize your poetry better and faster.

You will also learn how to use numbers in your advantage if you are a number oriented person.

You will learn how to memorize classical poetry quicker and in a more effective way.

It is a swift fun course with plenty of examples.

I want you to imagine yourself at a party and you stand there striking a conversation with a group of good looking people.

You tell them about yourself and that you are a poet. Then they ask you to read something, and instead of looking at your phone, you recite something from the heart. With all the sparks and fireworks they will stand awed at your abilities as of a human being and a poet. You are not just able to produce original content but you also are able to reproduce it in voice on a cue. It makes you fantastic. Then again imagine you do the same thing in a poetry class. You easily memorize what you write and then are able to read it from the heart. Your grades will follow dramatically. All that just by taking this course and doing the job. Learn. Write. Recite and memorize. These are the keys to successful poetry career. It all may grow even bigger and then you might become the next rapping prodigy. Just imagine and take the right step.

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