How To Hire A Personal Trainer


How To Hire A Personal Trainer, Tips from a Pro.

Looking for a Personal Trainer? Not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re not sure what to look for. Or maybe you’re not sure what to ask. No problem. This free class by fitness expert Ron Betta will help guide you through the sometimes difficult world of Personal Training. From certifications to insurance, reputation to skill, Ron covers it all.

Learn about how to ask questions that will help you understand if the Trainer is the real deal or a phony. You deserve to have the best possible Personal Trainer taking care of your fitness plan. Ron’s course includes a PDF, loaded with questions to ask a Personal Trainer. This course is good for anyone seeking improved fitness and confidence in knowing they hired the right person for the job. Don’t risk making a bad hire and sinking hundreds or thousands of dollars down the drain with a poorly selected Trainer. Get quality information fast and learn the right way to interview, vet, and even pay the Trainer.

Not all Trainers are created equal. Some work hard and become amazing. Others do the bare minimum. Ron will help you spot the differences and know which one to pick. With his guidance, Ron will take the guesswork out and get you set up with the best Trainer possible!

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