How Sales Managers Coach Remote Teams Into Sales Champions


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Course Description

How Managers Coach Remote Salespeople Through a Pandemic

Managers, if you’re still managing and having the same conversations you had back in 2019, you’re setting your team, and yourself, up for failure.

How effective are you when it comes to coaching fear, confidence, attitude, and ensuring that your team feels connected and supported, not alone?

More than ever, it’s essential for managers to learn how to coach their team through difficult times of fear and uncertainty, something that only 18% of managers have actually been trained on how to do.

Compound this with the deeper, more personal conversations most managers and salespeople have never had before. Especially now that we’re actually living in the homes of our coworkers and customers via Zoom and Teams and every other videoconferencing platform, it’s no wonder that companies are still scrambling to reinvent their sales and leadership model. That’s why I created this course for you.

Great leadership today requires mastering the new, critical conversations managers have never had before and a coaching framework they can follow and use in every conversation to make coaching a habit.

World Class managers realize the importance of developing their coaching skillset and mindset so they can successfully lead their team in a challenging, remote environment. In this course, you’ll learn what top managers are doing to build a remote team of happy, engaged, and accountable sales champions.

In this course, here are some of the questions that will be answered: 

  1. How can sales leaders manage their time effectively to ensure they make adequate time for what they refer to as coaching?
  2. Why is it important to avoid becoming a “Chief Problem Solver”?
  3. In coaching from a team setting, such as a weekly team call, how do you share the message of the team vision to encourage those that may not be fully on board just yet?
  4. Given the virtual environment that many teams are now in, what are some challenges managers and salespeople might encounter around selling, coaching, and building a successful remote team? How can they overcome these challenges?
  5. One thing managers can do to become a better leader and start coaching their team today?
  6. When reps are in a sales slump, how should leaders help them stay confident and engaged? How do you maintain confidence?
  7. What are some of the core characteristics of successful coaches?
  8. What are some of the most common mistakes you see coaches make, and how can they be avoided?
  9. Given the virtual environment that many teams are now in, what are some challenges sales leaders might encounter in conducting effective coaching sessions remotely? How can they overcome these challenges?

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